Wispy Whites

Wispy White Trio

Three different color pairings and three different shapes, this trio has a unique feature in common- wispy white lines that run organically throughout the pieces.  Although they were designed as a grouping they are available on an individual basis.  Click on the images above to view in detail.

The Reseda and Emerald Green shape representing a leaf, is flattened through the body. It features a center vein carving on both sides and curved, tapering top.  17" tall and 9" wide.

The Gold and Ruby broad shouldered shape represents the horizon and expansive sunsets.  The shoulder area is slightly oval and transitions to a round base.  15" tall and 8" wide.

Finally the Sea Green and Aqua water droplet form begins with a narrow opening and drops out to a full rounded body.  15"tall and 9" wide.