Upcycled Cups

Upcycled Glassware

What makes these cups "Upcycled"?  Often in the glassmaking process there can be wasted material- leftover color, terminations of patterns, etc.  What else better to do with these scraps that would be tossed, than to recycle them and give them a better purpose?! Hence the name Upcycled.  We are helping the environment and making beautiful glassware at the same time!  I love the challenge of trying to create and save these cool patterns.  The melted discs of colorful glass are heated in a kiln, hot fused to the bottom of a clear bubble, and then further formed into a drinking glass.  There are never two alike and the sizes always vary based on the size of the patterned disc.  What a great little item to collect and a great conversation piece at the table.  Best of all, you will always know whose drink is whose!