For many of us, our pets are the star members of our families. They provide an unparalleled joy and unconditional love. Our time with them is brief but the memories of adventure, laughter and especially snuggles live on with us forever.

Furever Glass brings together a touch of color, a shimmering sparkle and your beloved's ashes into an infinite spiral. Each piece is personalized and engraved on the bottom with your pet's name.

Honor our furry companions with beauty and light. Let them live on in your everyday with Furever Glass.


How do I send the cremains?

When you complete your online order, you will receive a detailed confirmation page with instruction on how to pack and where to ship the cremains.  Approximately 2 tablespoons of ashes are needed to embed into the glass.  As this may be difficult for some folks to open and package, I encourage you to reach out to your friends and family for support and assistance.

When will I receive my Furever Glass?

Please allow for up to 4 weeks time to create and ship your Furever Glass home to you.  This time begins upon my receipt of the cremains, not from the time you’ve completed the online request.  Each piece is made by hand and takes time to create, personalize and pack with care.

Can I choose more than one color for a single piece?

Glass color does not necessarily blend as we would expect paints and pigments to.  For that reason, and to provide the most accurate representation of color, only a single color can be chosen for each piece.

Can I make a custom engraving request?

Without a special request in the comment section of your order form, the engraving on the bottom will read “In Memory Of (your pet’s name)".  If you would like to add a year or alternative text, please request it on the engraving form at checkout.  I am happy to accommodate you as long as it will fit within the space.

Do you also make glass with human remains?

At this time Furever Glass is dedicated to honoring our furry companions only. 

Additional questions?

Please send me and email via the contact page.