In the Eye of the Designer

I've been fine tuning this design over the past few years.  Sometimes as a glass artist you achieve your vision on the first try and sometimes it takes twenty revisions to get there.   I've been striving for just the perfect resemblance to marble. One of the longest parts of the glass blowing process is creating layers of color and pattern.  As I am designing a new piece, color and pattern are my first considerations and often inspirations as well.  Next I think about what type of form would display it best.  Often times this includes drawing the pattern, even as organic as some may be, onto several shapes in my sketch book.  I've been sketching long before I ever got my hands on glass and it is a very natural way for me to plan my ideas out.  Choosing which glass colors to work with is a whole other can of worms.  Each color behaves differently.  Some have a viscosity that is softer than the clear glass and others stiffer.  Glass color can be opaque, translucent or transparent and this must be taken into consideration with layering.  The possibilities are endless but only years of experience and lots of learning along the way will make your ideas a reality.