"Through the Looking Glass" Newsletter

I'm very excited about my new quarterly newsletter called "Through the Looking Glass".  It has been really fun to write and photograph for.  Through the Looking Glass contains several segments including a featured item, a technical insight to glassblowing, a free glass giveaway, and a travel section.  I like to feature one of my designs, discussing it's function, beauty and showcase it in a more natural setting.  The "Tech Talk" section will explore different tools and processes in glassblowing educating my followers about the complexities of working in hot glass.  Next, should you be a subscriber to the newsletter you are automatically entered into my glass raffle.  Free glass!  A winner is chosen at random and the item will be shipped to your home free of charge.  If nothing else sign-up just for the chance to win!  Occasionally I will promote a special sale item, and with the easy "click to order" button on the screen it will e-mail me directly requesting to set up a purchase.  Last but not least, as I am known to be a traveling glassblower extraordinaire, I have a "Where in the World is Taryn Jayne" segment at the bottom of the newsletter.  This is just a few photos and a small paragraph about a recent travel adventure.  Again my newsletter is sent out to my subscribers quarterly and you can sign-up for it by visiting the contact page here on my website.  Thanks again for following me and my work!