Working in Art-Hell

Okay, by the title you might think this is a bad thing.  On the contrary my friend.  While I was working ever so diligently on my tan and traveling the world and blowing glass on the cruise ship this summer- My glassblowing partner Kathleen Mitchell was slaving away building herself her very own hot glass shop.

So I showed up after all the hard work had been done to a beautiful new set up down in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego.  If you are unfamiliar with the Glashaus you should check it out.  This is a large studio building run by the fabulous metal artist Matt Devine.  All together there are about 16 different studios and disciplines inside the building from metal to glass, ceramic, architecture, furniture design, painters and even a paleo dessert company.  They frequently have works on display in their main gallery space so find them on Facebook for news and upcoming events.

Here, Kathleen's private glassblowing studio known as Art-Hell rents its facilities to a few artists in the San Diego area. It primarily functions as a studio for her to make her art, as well as a place for her to teach classes and private lessons.  If you are interested in a class or lesson contact her at  

I have been blowing glass in Art-Hell and it has been wonderful!  Sometimes working in a new shop feels like cooking in someone else's kitchen.  You know how to cook but you aren't used to their stove, or you don't know where they keep the pans.  But as soon as I showed up to work in the studio I felt right at home!  We work a few days a week creating the beautiful pieces of glass you see on display in my booth.  Just a couple of girls making it all happen!