Blowing Glass in the Mediterranean

If you think the Mediterranean is a scorcher in the summer time, you should try blowing glass in it!  I had the privilege to work with several other talented glassblowers out at sea for three months.  The Corning Museum of Glass has a hot glass show onboard Celebrity Cruises.  Yes there is a glass hot shop on the top deck of the ship right next to the real grass lawn.  Go ahead pinch yourself.  This was my second contract blowing glass at sea and I absolutely love it!  Getting to blow glass daily and try out new shapes and designs is a dream.  We are entertainment on board and we have wonderfully engaging narrated demonstrations.  It is not a hands-on glassblowing lesson with guests but it is very interactive with the crowd.  They get a chance to see a three glassblower team create works of art before their eyes and I find that each glassblower having their own unique style and approach to the medium really enhances the show.  So that's where I have been for the summer.  I know you all feel very sorry for me.  The good news is that I created some really fun new designs and I'm very excited to get to work on them down here in San Diego!


We are working hard as a team to make a glass birthday cake!