For many of us, our pets are the star members of our families. They provide an unparalleled joy and unconditional love. Our time with them is brief but the memories of adventure, laughter and especially snuggles live on with us forever.

Furever Glass brings together a touch of color, a shimmering sparkle and your beloved's ashes into an infinite spiral. Each piece is personalized and engraved on the bottom with your pet's name.

Honor our furry companions with beauty and light. Let them live on in your everyday with Furever Glass.



I started working in glass in 2004 while attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  It was an instant love and an instant passion.  I love the way hot glass glows, moves and stretches and challenges me. Glass has literally taken me all over the world and I am forever grateful for it.  It was glass that lured me to Seattle, WA in 2007 where I met the first love of my life, Piper the Dog.

I have always loved all animals and have yet to come across one I didn’t want to greet.  I am fascinated by their excitement for life and amazed by their genuine personalities.  Piper is no exception, as she has continued to fill my life with more joy than I could have imagined.  Over the years I have worked with animals at numerous jobs and volunteer positions.  Each opportunity has been a different way to give back to them and to the humans that love them. 

These days I call San Diego, CA home and enjoy every day under the sun with Piper the Dog and my husband Matt (the second love of my life).  No matter how much Matt whines and begs, he knows that Piper will always be top dog.



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